NALA Group

Welcome to our group!

Welcome to the website of the Kann Natural Language Processing Group (NALA) at CU Boulder! We develop computational models for the understanding or generation of natural language. Some of our current areas of interest are:

  • Universal natural language processing and transfer learning
  • Natural language processing for educational applications
  • Computational morphology
  • Low-resource machine translation
  • Language grounding
  • Natural language processing for medical applications

More details can be found here. Please also check out the websites of the First Workshop on NLP for Indigenous Languages of the Americas (AmericasNLP), the Fourth Workshop on Technologies for MT of Low Resource Languages (LoResMT 2021) and the ICLR 2021 Workshop on Weakly Supervised Learning (WeaSuL), which members of our group were co-organizing!

We are hiring! NALA is actively recruiting PhD students with backgrounds in computer science, linguistics, or related fields who wish to study at CU Boulder. We are hosting a virtual recruitment session on 10/15/21 (sign up here), and you can find more information about the application process and submit your application here.


Aug 25, 2021 NALA had 2 papers accepted to EMNLP 2021!
May 6, 2021 We are happy to announce that NALA had 4 papers accepted to ACL 2021 (2 to the main conference and 2 to Findings of ACL)! :lion:
Jan 11, 2021 NALA had 2 papers accepted to EACL 2021!
Dec 7, 2020 Nikhil Prabhu’s paper “Making a Point: Pointer-Generator Transformers for Disjoint Vocabularies” with Katharina Kann won the best paper award at the AACL Student Research Workshop!
Oct 23, 2020 NALA had 1 paper accepted to the AACL Student Research Workshop 2020!