joining us

Become a member of NALA!

If want to work with us and…

  • ...are a student at CU Boulder who is interested in an independent study: You should have a look at the interests of NALA's PhD students. Then, send an email to the PhD student whose interests are closest to yours, cc'ing Katharina Kann. Describe your relevant background and two project ideas in a few sentences. Add "[ISCUBNALA]" to the subject of your email.
  • ...want to join NALA for a PhD: You should apply directly to CU Boulder's PhD program in computer science and list Katharina Kann as your preferred advisor. You can increase your chances of acceptance by sending an email to Katharina Kann around the application deadline. "[PHDCUBNALA]" should be the first word of your email's subject. Information on how to prepare a good application package can be found here.
  • ...neither of the above applies to you: Send an email to Katharina Kann with "[MISCCUBNALA]" in your email's subject line to introduce yourself and let us know on what you want to work with us!